Why Buying an Established Franchise for Sale is Better Than Opening Your Own Pizza Place

Tony Gemignani
November 20, 2023
An ooey-gooey slice of pizza heaven

Starting a new business is exciting. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, being your own boss, making all the business decisions yourself, and building something from the ground up is an enticing venture. 

But for those who favor other business routes, buying an established franchise for sale may be a much better solution, offering you a streamlined approach, a solid business model, and faster results. Plus, you start on day one with an existing customer base that loves your product. 

Why Buy an Established Franchise Business for Sale?

Any new business is going to be a lot of work. The hard truth is that most startups don’t make it past five years. However, when you buy an established franchise business for sale, your chance of success is much higher. The reason is that the parent company has already figured out all the hard stuff. They have the brand, the logos, the website, and the operating procedures down, making it easy for new owners to duplicate. 

Franchising allows you to use the company’s brand, name, logo, systems, and design elements to help grow the brand and own your own business. You get to bank on the success of a company that is already well-established with a brand reputation. That means you aren’t starting from scratch to build a following. 

In exchange for these advantages, you must pay the franchisor an initial franchise fee, ongoing royalty fees, and other charges. However, you get a lot of support with a franchise that you would not get doing it alone. 

The restaurant industry is notoriously difficult to break into unless you have a brand that is already well-known and loved, like Slice House. The investment in a franchise is well worth it. 

Buying an Established Franchise vs. Starting Your Own Pizza Place

There are pros and cons to opening your own pizza place or purchasing an established franchise for sale. Let’s compare.

  • Pros of Opening Your Own Pizza Place

When you open your own pizza place, you can choose the location, design a logo, pick a name, and retain complete control over every decision. 

  • Cons of Opening Your Own Pizza Place

However, going it alone means you must figure it out yourself. There is no one to turn to for help, and it may take a lot of work to build the business and become profitable. It may also be more expensive because you may not have connections with vendors who can offer you a discount. 

  • Pros of Buying an Established Franchise for Sale

When you purchase a franchise, all the hard decisions are made. You benefit from a solid business model, abundant training and support from the parent company, marketing help, location assistance, vendor connections, sophisticated technology, and mouth-watering proprietary recipes. Another big bonus is that the brand already has a steady flow of customers, so you don’t have to fight to gain market traction. 

  • Cons of Buying an Established Franchise for Sale

What some might consider to be a  downside to buying a franchise is that you must do some things the way the parent company has established. You also have to pay fees for the use of brand materials and operational assistance. Fortunately in the end, these investments pay for themselves and make your dream of owning your own business much quicker and easier.  

How Much Does It Cost to Invest in a Pizza Franchise?

Using Slice House as an example, you can expect to pay between $406,300 and $1,147,600 for your initial investment. The actual amount will depend on many factors, like your location, the size of your pizza place, and other items. You must also have a minimum of $250,000 in liquid capital to begin franchising.

How to Buy an Established Pizza Franchise

Investing in a successful pizza franchise starts with a single phone call or filling out a form online. Slice House makes it easy to start the franchise process. 

After a 30-minute phone call to discuss the opportunity, you must complete the franchise profile. After you do, you can review Slice House’s franchise disclosure document (FDD). You will then have a 1-hour discussion call to talk over the document and ask any questions. If you are still interested, you will visit the Slice House home office and some locations to get a feel for the business. Upon mutual agreement, you sign the franchise agreement and start your buildout. 

When you join the Slice House franchising team, you become a part of the family and get to take advantage of an award-winning brand with all the best perks. 

Slice House is a Great Pizza Franchise Option

Slice House offers franchisees a proven business model with a track record of success. If you dream of owning your own pizza place, now is the time. Contact Slice House today to get started.

Get Your Own Pizza Franchise Today

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, our franchise offers a slice of the action. Join our passionate community of pizza lovers and let your dreams rise to new heights. Don’t wait, seize the opportunity and become the master of your own pizza empire.