4 Questions Investors Ask About the Pizza Restaurant Industry

Tony Gemignani
September 30, 2022
Pizza Restaurant Industry

When you’ve worked hard and built the skills and background needed to run a franchise, it’s natural to want to look around and find a business with the potential for future growth. The pizza restaurant industry in particular can be a wise option for prospective owners, but they need to know which questions to ask to identify the brand that best suits them.

Understanding what information can be most helpful, and where to get the answers, can help future owners narrow their search to franchises built for modern times and working toward brand growth.

Using Slice House as our model, this article dives into the details potential owners should get before deciding on a franchise.

  • Industry demand
  • Pizza market size
  • Vision for modern growth
  • Support expectations

Starting off by digging into these concerns can allow future owners to move forward into the pizza restaurant industry with confidence, ready to join the brand that has the features and business approach that best speaks to them.

1. What’s the Demand for Pizza Restaurants Today?

When considering ownership in the pizza restaurant industry with a franchise like Slice House, it makes sense to want to get as much information as possible ahead of time.

A look at industry performance can be a great option as a starting point — it can show potential owners the ins and outs of the business, and give them an idea of what to expect in the way of popularity and possible growth.

Does the industry have a reliable record of growth in the past? And what kind of expectations are there for the future?

Pizza has long been one of the country’s mainstay meals, and it shows in the industry trends. They tell a story of steady expansion for decades, with growth in both full- and quick-service restaurants. And the next five years are expected to see accelerated development tied to increased consumer spending.

The pizza restaurant industry’s history is one of growing customer demand, and that’s one reason Slice House is excited for what’s to come.

2. How Big is the Pizza Market?

Market size is another key indicator that potential owners need to look at closely during their examination of the pizza restaurant industry. New owners want to make sure they’re in a business large enough to support their vision and drive, with room for future expansion.

And as might be expected from an industry so popular, the pizza restaurant industry’s market size has been growing alongside the demand.

The pizza restaurant market brings in more than $55 billion a year. The market saw 1.1% annualized growth across the past five years and is projected to continue that growth for at least the next five years.

It’s a record of consistent development and can give future owners confidence that they’re joining an industry ready to keep growing.

Market size and its expected expansion are part of the reason Slice House is preparing to move into new territories. We recognize the potential in the moment, and we’re building a brand with the tools to lead the industry into tomorrow. Find out more today!

3. Which Brand Has the Vision for Modern Growth?

In the modern pizza restaurant industry, what are the key features that help a brand build their customer base and stay fresh and exciting?

The franchise landscape demands foresight, savvy, and experience, and the pizza business requires even more than that.

Today’s brands look to their leaders to provide deep knowledge of the ins and outs of franchise operations, a vision for the future along with an understanding of how to get there, and a recognition that menu and dedication to quality are critical to developing customer loyalty.

It’s this blend of the business and the culinary that has helped Slice House become a customer favorite wherever we’ve set up shop. We’ve created a team of experienced professionals who know every aspect of the franchising process from years in the field, and we’re led by celebrated pizzaiolo and culinary genius Tony Gemignani.

We’re proud of our association with one of the leading lights of the pizza world. It gives us access to his leadership, world-renowned techniques, and recipes, and has given our customers the kinds of dining experiences that brings them back again and again.

4. What Kind of Support Can I Expect?

After getting information on pizza restaurant industry market size and demand, and verifying that the brand that connects with them has the kind of leadership needed to create a brand with promise, future owners should move on to questions about support.

What kind of backing can they expect when they sign with the franchise?

Having solid support behind the franchise can provide the kind of foundation owners need to operate. It helps give them peace of mind that they’re not alone whatever the issue and can allow them to focus on the aspects of the pizza business that can impact growth.

That’s why Slice House has developed a support package designed to aid our owners from the moment they start the process.

We’re there to assist in locating the ideal territory and location, we’ve got an architecture and buildout team standing by to get the new restaurant up and ready to open, and training to get their team operating the Slice House way, with Tony Gemignani’s heart and mind behind it all.

At Slice House, we believe in giving our owners meaningful support that lasts.

Become Part of the Pizza Restaurant Industry with Slice House

Before signing with a franchise, a prospective owner should ask the big questions. Industry health, market size, leadership, and support are all essential questions that need to be answered.

It’s a great way to start the franchising experience, and it can lead future owners to Slice House.

Slice House is in an expanding industry, with pizza maestro Tony Gemignani leading the brand and the kind of support that can make a difference. We’re preparing to move into new territories, and we’re looking for potential owners to join us.

Want to learn more? Contact us today, and discover the future of the pizza industry!

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