Businesses for Sale in San Diego County: Finding the Perfect Fit

Tony Gemignani
July 6, 2023
Businesses for Sale in San Diego

Franchise with Slice House in San Diego County to leverage a proven business model in a robust market, offering authentic, high-quality artisan pizza with comprehensive support.

Key Points:

  • 📍 Local Market Opportunity: San Diego County, being densely populated and economically vibrant, offers substantial potential for new franchises, especially in the artisan pizza sector.
  • 🍕 Brand and Product Appeal: Slice House, recognized for its high-quality, artisan pizzas, is well-positioned in the market, appealing particularly to Gen Z consumers who favor quality and health-conscious options.
  • 💼 Franchising Steps: The process includes researching options, securing a location, arranging finances, and detailed discussions with Slice House to finalize the franchise agreement.
  • 🏢 Real Estate and Investment: Prospective franchisees should find a location ranging from 1,200 to 2,200 sq. ft., with an initial investment between $406,300 and $1,147,600, plus $250,000 in liquid capital.
  • 👨‍🍳 Culinary and Business Support: Franchisees receive extensive support from Slice House, including access to proprietary recipes from Tony Gemignani, ongoing training, and marketing strategies.
  • 📈 Potential for Growth: With multiple revenue streams and a diverse menu, franchisees can capitalize on the growing demand for artisan pizza and expand their business effectively.

If you want a business for sale in San Diego County, consider opening your own Slice House franchise. Using a growth-driven model, you could be up and running smoothly, serving authentic, artisan pizza to your customers.

Why Buy a Business for Sale in San Diego County?

San Diego is California’s second most populated county and the eighth largest county in the U.S. The county provides ample opportunity for new franchises with a substantial market for new business and expansion. Slice House already has established brand recognition in California, so your customers will know where to get the best slice in town. 

Some additional reasons to franchise a Slice House in San Diego County are:

  •     The food service industry totals $772.6 billion.
  •     In America, pizza sales total $46 billion in the food service market. 
  •     Artisan pizza places dominate the marketplace. Customers are looking for something more than just a quick slice. 
  •     Gen Z’ers are willing to pay more for better, healthier food like artisan pizza that uses the freshest vegetables and quality meats. 

If you want a business for sale in San Diego County, here is the step-by-step franchising process with Slice House.

1 – Research Your Franchise Options

There are dozens of franchise opportunities when you decide to open your own business. The trick is finding something you love to do and can foresee yourself invested in for the long term. Take your time researching the franchise opportunities in your area.

If you love pizza and people, Slice House is a great option. Founded by award-winning pizza master Tony Gemignani, Slice House offers a brand that gives you proprietary recipes, a wildly popular menu, award-winning pies, a strong positive culture, devotion to the craft, and a flexible, adaptable franchise model. 

2 – Find a Location!

Find a location between 1200 and 2200 sq. ft. for your restaurant. You can also choose a venue kiosk location which varies in size, but most are approximately 500 sq. ft. 

Slice House is looking for franchisees in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, and Oregon to expand the brand and deliver more mouth-watering artisan pies to more people.

3 – Gather Your Financial Resources Together

The cost of opening a Slice House franchise will vary based on many factors. However, you can expect to spend between $406,300 and $1,147,600 for your initial investment. You must also have an additional $250,000 in liquid capital for other expenditures. 

Slice House charges a one-time franchise fee of $30,000 per location.

4 – Discuss the Opportunity with Slice House

When you have found your location and gathered the financing, you should talk with a Slice House representative to discuss specifics and get solid figures from which you can work. 

1 – Introduction Call – The first step is an introduction call where we will ask you some questions, and you can fill out a franchise application. 

2 – Candidate Profile – The next step is to complete your candidate profile. It only takes about 10 minutes. After that, we’ll:

  •     Send you our Franchise Disclosure Document.
  •     Introduce you to lending contacts.
  •     Start the preliminary real estate trade analysis.

3 – Schedule FDD Review (1 hour). The next step is to speak with the president of franchising to ask questions about the FDD, real estate, territories, and other factors. If you are interested in a business for sale in San Diego County, we can discuss that then. 

4 – Discovery Day is when you visit our home office and multiple locations and get a feel for the business. You also get to meet Tony and other senior management on that day.

5 – Franchise Agreements – Upon mutual agreement, we will send you your Franchise Agreement, and once signed, you can begin working on your business. 

6 – YOU Are Now a Slice House Franchise Owner!

Now you are a member of the Slice House family and can begin selecting your site, training, and onboarding process. In addition, we offer a complete support package to help you get up and running smoothly. 

5 – Franchise with Slice House and Begin Building Your San Diego County Business!

When you franchise with Slice House, you benefit from a fully established, unique business model with proven results from a company with excellent brand recognition. In addition, you will receive top-notch support from the franchise team and use some famous proprietary recipes from Tony Gemignani (the award-winning pizza master).

We use the freshest ingredients in all our artisan pies and offer five style options and daily specials. Our franchise opportunities provide multiple revenue streams, a vast menu of side dishes, and accompanying foods to satisfy every customer. 

Contact Slice House today to learn more about this unique opportunity, especially if you are interested in a business for sale in San Diego County.

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