Fast-Casual Franchises: The Slice House Difference

Tony Gemignani
September 30, 2022

There seem to be new fast-casual franchises opening every day, and knowing which one could be the right option can be a challenge for potential owners. Every prospective owner wants to find a brand that connects with them and gives them the tools for growth. Slice House understands this need, and we’ve built a fast-casual pizza franchise model designed to provide the training and resources necessary for success. At Slice House, our owners know that they’re part of a team who all work together to build the business and expand the brand. We take an owner-first approach and operate with their future, and that of the franchise, first in our hearts and minds.

  • Attention to quality
  • Authenticity
  • Franchise support
  • Vision and guidance

Our fast-casual franchises are all part of the Slice House family, and that’s how we treat every owner. It’s a way of operating that’s given us an energy, and sense of community, that helps us look to tomorrow and move the brand forward.

Attention to Quality

The best fast-casual franchises are meant to be more than a place for getting a meal in a hurry. Today’s customers are often looking for more than that from the brands they’re loyal to — speed isn’t enough for many of them. They want their fast-casual restaurant franchises to reflect their values about quality, too. Diet and lifestyle have become priorities for many Americans. They have a different take on living well than in the past, and that can impact dining choices. Attention to quality fits well with Slice House’s business model. Slice House makes quality one of our overriding concerns at all times. Everything we make begins with the freshest available ingredients, responsibly sourced, and with an eye to ethics and sustainability. Fast-casual franchises can make great food, prepared to order, served up hot and fast, and still maintain the highest possible standards for quality. It’s what we believe at Slice House, and that’s helped us build brand loyalty with our guests.

  • Fast-casual franchises go beyond quick meals; customers seek brands that align with their values and prioritize quality.
  • Modern customers value quality over speed; fast-casual franchises need to reflect these values.
  • Americans prioritize diet and lifestyle, impacting their dining choices and expectations from brands.
  • Slice House’s business model aligns with the importance of quality.
  • Quality is a top concern for Slice House, starting with the use of fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients.
  • Slice House emphasizes ethics and sustainability in ingredient selection.
  • Despite the speed, fast-casual franchises like Slice House uphold high standards of quality.
  • Slice House’s dedication to quality contributes to building brand loyalty among guests.


Increased attention to food quality is the daily routine at Slice House. And it pairs with our devotion to authenticity, which helps us stand out from other fast-casual franchises. Authenticity has become a driving force in many aspects of modern life, from music to art, to the meals customers want. Slice House recognizes this demand and works to meet it. Everything we make comes from a place of love and a respect of the traditions and heritage that helped make recipes the guest favorites they’ve become. Our menu features artisanal pizzas, prepared with the same methods and care pizzaioli have used for generations. Crusts, toppings, sauces, techniques, recipes — we look to the past, and make that history part of our business model. At Slice House, it’s all done with an eye to the heritage of the craft. We believe in the singular power of authenticity, and we live it every day in our fast-casual franchises.

  • Slice House places a daily focus on enhancing food quality.
  • The dedication to quality aligns with Slice House’s commitment to authenticity, setting it apart from other fast-casual franchises.
  • Authenticity is a prevalent force in modern life, spanning music, art, and even customer dining preferences.
  • Slice House acknowledges and responds to the demand for authenticity.
  • Love and respect for traditions and heritage underpin everything Slice House creates.
  • The menu features artisanal pizzas crafted using time-tested methods employed by pizzaioli for generations.
  • Slice House integrates historical elements, including crusts, toppings, sauces, and techniques, into its business model.
  • Heritage is at the core of Slice House’s approach, reflecting an appreciation for the craft’s history.
  • Authenticity holds significant influence at Slice House and is a driving principle in their fast-casual franchises.

Fast-casual Franchise Support

Quality and authenticity are both essentials for many future owners. Slice House has built our fast-casual franchises around both of these concepts, and we pair them with a dedication to the owners we work with. Owner support is a key part of a franchise. It helps new owners find their footing, and can give them the sense of security they need to turn their attention to building strong customer loyalty founded in meaningful community relationships. Slice House has made owner support an everyday aspect of our business. Every owner gets assistance finding the right site for their Slice House location, and receives training at our flagship restaurant. We’re there to help our owners build out and open for business, connect them with our network of vendors and suppliers, and give them access to our proprietary operations and processes. And we provide marketing support from day one, to help owners raise franchise awareness and establish a digital presence. Slice House wants our owners to have what they need to grow, and we work to give it to them when they need it.

  • Slice House has designed its fast-casual franchises with a foundation in quality and authenticity.
  • The commitment to quality and authenticity extends to dedicated support for franchise owners.
  • Owner support is a crucial component of the franchise model, aiding new owners in finding stability.
  • Support fosters a sense of security and enables owners to focus on building strong customer loyalty and community relationships.
  • Slice House ensures owner support is an integral part of their daily business operations.
  • Assistance is provided for site selection, with training offered at the flagship restaurant.
  • Slice House aids owners in business build-out, connection with vendors, and access to proprietary operations.
  • Marketing support is available from the beginning, assisting owners in raising franchise awareness and establishing a digital presence.
  • Slice House prioritizes equipping owners with the necessary resources for growth and works to provide timely assistance.

Vision and Guidance

Modern fast-casual franchises like Slice House operate in a different environment than in the past. Leadership is more important than ever — it can give a business direction, and steer the franchise. Today’s brands are often best served when they have a strong voice leading the way. For Slice House, that voice belongs to Tony Gemignani, one of the most celebrated names in the pizza world. Tony Gemignani is a 13-time World Pizza Champion, four-time Guinness Book record-holder, and is one of the leading lights of our time in the pizza business. His ingenuity, loving care, and deep understanding of the discipline shape our menu, and guide our growth. Slice House is proud of our association with famed pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani, and makes his vision a cornerstone of our franchise model.

Open Fast-Casual Franchises with Slice House

Slice House is looking to transform the way pizza and fast casual go together. We take a traditional-but-new approach to the business, and make quality and authenticity the pillars of our franchise. Our support structure is designed to assist our owners when they need a hand. And we’re partnered with Tony Gemignani, one of the most celebrated and award winning pizzaioli in the world today. At Slice House, we’re excited for what’s to come, and we’re preparing to expand into new territories. Interested in learning more? Connect with us today, and find out what it takes to become a Slice House Pizza Franchise owner!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fast-casual Franchises

What sets Slice House apart from other fast-casual franchises?

Slice House stands out due to its unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. We prioritize using the freshest responsibly sourced ingredients and uphold traditional pizzaioli craftsmanship. Our unique menu, guided by renowned pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani, infuses innovation with time-honored methods. This blend of tradition and vision defines our brand and sets us apart in the realm of fast-casual franchises.

What kind of support do franchisees receive from Slice House?

At Slice House, franchisee success is paramount. We offer comprehensive support throughout your journey. This includes assistance in selecting the ideal location, training at our flagship restaurant, vendor partnerships, and access to proprietary processes. Our marketing support ensures your franchise gains visibility from day one. We’re dedicated to empowering you with the resources and guidance needed for growth and community building.

How can I become a fast-casual franchise owner with Slice House?

Becoming a Slice House Pizza fast-casual franchise owner is an exciting opportunity. To get started, simply reach out to us through our website or contact channels. We’ll provide you with detailed information about the franchise process, investment requirements, and the steps involved. Our team will guide you through the application, training, and setup stages, ensuring you’re well-prepared to embark on your journey with Slice House.

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