Four Ingredients That Make a Profitable Food Franchise

Tony Gemignani
February 4, 2023

A prospective food franchise owner can sometimes feel overwhelmed with choices when they set out to find the right brand for their business style and interests. It doesn’t take long, though, for a franchise like Slice House to make itself known as a smart option for many people looking for a business with potential.

What makes Slice House a promising food franchise? It’s thanks to the industry we work within, and a franchise model built for growth, customer satisfaction, and owner support.

#1. Industry Expansion

Let’s start with the big question: How does the overall pizza restaurant industry look today, and what are the expectations for its future?

Industry health is the first concern out of the gate for many potential food franchise owners for good reason — no business operates in a vacuum, and the health of the larger industry can say a lot about the potential of a particular brand within that business.

Industry history can be especially instructive, and help future owners understand the ins and outs of a brand much more easily. How has the business grown over time, and has that expansion been steady and reliable for the past years leading up to today?

And industry performance is one reason Slice House is excited for the future. We’re in a business that’s been growing for years, with 2.7% expansion over the past year alone and more projected to come in the years ahead.

It’s an industry with a market size of more than $55 billion and counting. That’s a lot of potential customers ready to enjoy the kinds of delectable pizza creations a Slice House food franchise can serve up daily.

#2. Brand Recognition

One of the keys to building food franchise opportunities with the tools for future growth is having a name behind the brand that people recognize and respect.

Name recognition is part of our every day at Slice House. We’re partnered with renowned pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani, internationally recognized as a world-class pizza artist, and one of the leading names in the industry.

Tony Gemignani built his personal brand one championship at a time. He is the first and only Triple Crown winner at the International Pizza Championship, the president of the World Pizza Champions, and the only non-Neapolitan to ever win the title of World Champion Pizza Maker at the Naples World Pizza Cup.

And Tony Gemignani pays it forward, as well. He wants to share his love of pizza with the world, and has turned his genius to the food restaurant franchise.

Tony Gemignano loves pizza, and he knows how to create the ideal environment to create and serve them. We’re proud to be associated with this revolutionary force in the pizza world and to work with him every day to develop a food franchise for today and tomorrow.

#3. Menu and Quality

Today’s customers are more cosmopolitan than ever before, and many of them have a wider range of tastes and preferences than past generations. We’re a globally connected culture now, and our tastes reflect that fact.

That’s why Slice House food franchise owners can leverage a menu designed for quality, and to give customers the variety they expect, with an eye toward excellence at all times.

We’re a customer destination for all kinds of pizza styles, including Detroit, New York, Sicilian, and even Grandma. We have traditional toppings, alongside Tony Gemignani creations that are designed to capture the essence of the pizza experience, all served hot and fresh to order.

We make each pizza with love, and start with only the finest available ingredients and a vendor network as dedicated to providing high quality as we are.

Our customers recognize our devotion to giving them unforgettable pizza experiences every time they visit, and it’s helped us develop a growing pool of loyal guests wherever we set up shop.

#4. Business Model

Slice House has made it our mission to create a new kind of food franchise, one that’s designed for expansion while staying true to the values and high standards Tony Gemignani is famous for. We’ve created a business model that reflects that approach.

Our franchise model was constructed to best utilize the tools of modern business, and to streamline and simplify systems and processes to give the owner what they need to work toward brand development and expansion.

It starts from the moment future owners connect with us. We work with them from day one to get them through the onboarding process, with an experienced team standing by to lend a hand and any expertise that’s needed along the way.

Our modern way of operating extends to all aspects of the business, including restaurant type, footprint, and more. Owners can select a stadium/kiosk model, or opt for a more traditional counter-service build.

We’re ready to help each owner find the ideal situation for them, and will work with them to get them where they need to be.

Become a Food Franchise Owner with Slice House

Slice House has been preparing for the future since the moment we got started, with a franchise model designed around our owners, a menu dedicated to quality, and brand association with pizza-visionaryTony Gemignani.

At Slice House, we’re ready for what’s to come. We’re in an industry with expansion potential, we’re preparing to grow our brand into new territories, and we’re looking for future owners to join us.

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