How Fast Casual Pizza Franchises Can Unite Communities

Tony Gemignani
May 21, 2022
Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

If you’ve spent any time looking into Italian restaurant franchises, you’ve likely discovered that there are a lot of them out there. How do you determine which one might be a smart investment option?

Slice House and Tony Gemignani have teamed up to build a pizza franchise designed from the ground up to offer artisan pizzas from around the world. 

With award-winning pizza maestro Tony Gemignani’s proprietary recipes and leadership, a menu that aims to offer something to please every customer, and a franchise model designed to help our owners establish and grow their businesses, Slice House is excited for tomorrow.

Looking for the Best Pizza Restaurant Franchises?

Unlike other traditional Italian restaurant franchises, Slice House is a pizza franchise built to meet the expectations of the modern, authenticity-seeking customer. What makes us a brand to watch? It all begins with Slice House’s celebrated pizza genius extraordinaire, Tony Gemignani.

The Tony Gemignani Difference

The Slice House story is also the Tony Gemignani story. We’re proud of our partnership with Tony, who embodies the spirit and heart of our Italian restaurant franchise. 

Tony Gemignani grew up with a love of good food and a deep appreciation of the way it can help bring people together. Tony got his start in pizza making when he was still a teenager working at his brother’s restaurant. 

It only took a few years for Tony to establish himself as a world-renowned pizza maker and multiple Guinness World RecordsTM holder for pizza making. Soon, he was taking his skills to pizza-making championships and stunning the world with his expertise. 

Tony won the 2007 Naples World Pizza Cup — the first non-Neopolitan to do so — and swept the 2008 International Pizza Making Challenge categories for pizza classica and pizza teglia. That was just the beginning for Tony Gemignani, who has dominated the pizza world ever since and helped build a pizza franchise with the tools to grow.

The Slice House Men

The Tony Gemignani touch is everywhere at Slice House, starting with a menu featuring a variety of pizza styles. Our motto is “Respect the Craft,” and we put that philosophy into action every day at our restaurants.

It can be difficult to find an Italian restaurant franchise that offers menu items from across the globe. At Slice House, hungry guests, whether first-timers or loyal customers, can choose from artisan pizzas from across the globe including Sicily, New York, California, and Detroit.

A menu straight from the mind of Tony Gemignani helps Slice House owners build the kind of restaurant franchise that can attract customers, grow, and differentiate themselves from other Italian restaurant franchises. 

A Responsible Approach 

At Slice House, we know that fresh ingredients and responsible stewardship are part of running a business in today’s landscape. We use only the finest meats and cheeses from around the world, and our supply chains emphasize sustainability to help ensure long-term brand development.

Slice House recognizes that modern franchises should be more than restaurants. We value all team members, vendors, and guests, and we work to understand their goals while giving clear expectations of ours. It’s the right way to do business, and it can also help us grow.

A responsible approach can make good business sense, and it’s one of the ways Slice House aims to shake up the pizza category.

The Slice House Pizza Franchise Model

Having a pizza maestro like Tony Gemignani leading the charge, offering a menu of delicious artisan pizzas, sandwiches, and subs, and working to ensure we maintain sustainable supply lines and inclusive environments have helped Slice House become a franchise on the move. Our franchise model can make us the right option for potential owners.

Slice House wants our franchise owners to grow and develop their businesses. We’re all working together under the same brand, and their growth is ours. That’s why we created a franchise plan designed to help them build their customer base and expand.

Italian restaurant franchise models vary depending on the brand. We offer a flexible franchise model that allows prospective owners to create a business that works best for their situation. Owners can choose a stadium/kiosk model, or they can opt for a brick-and-mortar restaurant with seating and counter service.

Our flexibility and the potential for multiple revenue streams can help our owners get started, and we’ve got their back if they need it.

Become An Owner of a World Champion’s Pizza Franchise

Slice House has a franchise model, menu, and approach built for today and tomorrow, and we’re looking for potential owners to help us grow. If you’re looking to invest in an Italian restaurant franchise, Slice House pizza franchise may be an even better option.

If you’re interested in becoming part of a brand with potential, we might be right for each other!  We need motivated, dedicated owners to come along with us as we build an Italian restaurant franchise based on a love of great pizza and a belief that quality ingredients and an inclusive attitude can help create something special.

Want to find out more about owning a Slice House franchise? Contact us today and take your first steps toward a new career today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fast Casual Pizza Franchises

What makes Slice House different from other fast-casual pizza franchises?

Slice House is partnered with world-renowned pizza maker Tony Gemignani and features his proprietary recipes and global pizza styles on the menu. This allows Slice House to offer a diverse range of high-quality artisan pizzas to satisfy all customers.

What franchise models are available at Slice House?

Slice House offers flexible franchise models including stadium/kiosk or brick-and-mortar restaurants. This allows franchisees to choose the best model for their situation and needs.

Why choose Slice House as a franchise opportunity?

Slice House provides proven recipes, flexible models, and ongoing support while allowing franchisees to benefit from Tony Gemignani’s reputation. This unique opportunity allows owners to tap into the growing artisan pizza market.

How do I learn more about owning a Slice House franchise?

Contact Slice House today to take the first steps toward franchise ownership. The Slice House team can provide details on options, support, and how to become part of a growing pizza franchise.

Get Your Own Pizza Franchise Today

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, our franchise offers a slice of the action. Join our passionate community of pizza lovers and let your dreams rise to new heights. Don’t wait, seize the opportunity and become the master of your own pizza empire.