How Fast Casual Pizza Franchises Can Unite Communities

There’s nothing like meeting up with friends at a favorite hangout. Slice House fast casual pizza franchises can be the ideal location for communities to come together and share fresh, delicious pizza. 

Slice House Fast Casual Pizza Franchises Contribute To The Local Economy

When customers eat at Slice House, they’re eating local. It’s pizza for the people… by the people! Each location aims to give back to its community by hiring local, catering local, and providing a local hub where people can meet and mingle.

Our franchise owners serve up award-winning pizza from celebrity chef and World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani, bringing some of the greatest pizza varieties in the world to a town near you. Diners love our combination of traditional flavors and modern twists on old favorites at restaurants that keep it real. With recipes from New York, Sicily, Detroit, California, and even Nonna’s kitchen, there can be something for everyone to enjoy, right in the heart of their community.

Slice House Is Proud To Support George Mark Children’s House

Slice House fast casual pizza franchise has a very deep commitment to this important charity. It’s a cause we hold near and dear to our hearts. George Mark Children’s House is a California-based independent facility providing pediatric palliative care and other services to children with chronic medical conditions. Slice House has been a strong supporter of this charity through many fundraising events. As just one example of our support and dedication, for the Fifth Annual George Mark Children’s Benefit, Tony Gemignani teamed up with San Francisco Giants Brandon Belt and Alex Dickerson to create specialty pizzas and a portion of the proceeds went toward the cause. 

Slice House is always looking for new ways to give back to local communities. Whether it’s hosting a charitable event at a single restaurant or teaming up with other Slice House locations, Slice House is a franchise built on Italian generosity and community spirit. It’s just one more reason why we’re a franchise on the move.

The Perfect Place To Host Community Get-Togethers 

At Slice House, we don’t need an excuse to hold a party! From birthdays to anniversaries, family reunions to promotions, Slice House fast casual pizza franchises want to make themselves the place to be. 

Connect with local rec leagues and intramural teams to make Slice House a destination where customers celebrate wins, build team spirit, and take it easy. 

Slice House’s pizza is a hit with our guests. The secret lies in our high-quality ingredients and freshly made recipes because we truly “Respect the Craft.”

Catering options can open another potential revenue stream to franchise owners and could help you bring the Slice House spirit to your local area.

Everybody Knows Your Name At Slice House Fast Casual Pizza Franchises

Our welcoming dining rooms are designed to make newcomers feel at home. No stranger is a stranger for long at Slice House, where anyone can drop in for a slice and meet a new friend.

Slice House franchises enjoy a winning combination of gourmet pizza and a casual atmosphere that encourages foot traffic throughout the day. 

Nobody Makes Pizza Like Slice House Makes Pizza

Every Slice House location serves only the finest artisan pizza from celebrated pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani. Tony Gemignani is a third-generation Italian-American who’s been making pizza since his early days when he was helping out in his brother’s restaurant. Now a 13-Time World Pizza Champion, and the first non-Neapolitan to ever win the World Pizza Cup in Naples, Tony brings his pizza-making expertise to a varied menu that aims to satisfy all tastes.

Our pizza varieties embrace the best of Italian and American traditions. Chow down on Sicilian, New York, or Detroit style pies with a wide range of artisan toppings. We don’t use anything but the best, so customers can leave Slice House knowing they’ve enjoyed pizza served with love.

As a Slice House franchise owner, you get access to the award-winning Slice House menu, and extensive training on how to create our perfect pizza.

Everybody Loves Pizza — Why Pizza Franchises Are So Hot

This could be a promising moment to open a fast casual pizza franchise with Slice House. The fast casual dining industry is worth a massive $772 billion in the U.S., and pizza restaurant sales have remained constant at around $45 billion every year since 2016.

A recent survey by The Harris Poll proved what we at Slice House already knew — pizza is one of America’s favorite foods. Over 20% of Americans said they’d choose to eat pizza for the rest of their lives, and pizza won out over steak, tacos, and even hamburgers as the nation’s favorite dish. 

Pizza restaurants can make great business sense. Pizzas are relatively fast and easy to prepare, require limited kitchen space compared with other fast casual fares, and can cater to almost any diet and taste. Slice House fast casual pizza franchises stand out as a brand with potential, as our owners also benefit from the backing of a celebrity chef and award-winning menu.

Discover For Yourself Why Slice House Is One Of The Best Fast Casual Pizza Franchises

When you franchise with Slice House, you join a family-oriented team where everybody gets a hearty Italian welcome. We’ll support you as you implement our established business model and bring award-winning pizza to your local community.

Diversify your revenue with dine-in, carry-out, catering, and delivery business models, or feed hungry sports fans at stadium kiosks. Every Slice House location helps us fulfill our mission to be the world leader in fast-casual artisan pizza dining experiences.

Our fast casual pizza franchise is backed by the expertise of celebrated pizza genius Tony Gemignani. As a franchise owner, you get to tap into the power of his extraordinary name recognition, instantly announcing your location as a place to get some of the finest pizza in town.

We’re expanding in key locations nationwide, so join us as we take Tony Gemignani’s authentic recipes on the road. Contact us today to learn what it takes to open the next Slice House franchise location.