Pizza Business for Sale: How to Start

Tony Gemignani
June 1, 2023
We have a Pizza Business for Sale

If you love pizza and have been thinking about becoming a franchise owner, you likely already know that there’s more to it than finding a pizza business for sale and jumping in without further thought or research. It takes patience, persistence, and an understanding of what to look for and expect along the way.

Here’s some of what a potential owner can plan on experiencing when they set out to locate a pizza business for sale that’s right for them.

1. Check the Industry

When a prospective owner sets out to explore brands and identify a likely pizza business for sale, they should begin by laying the foundation for the remainder of the experience. And that calls for a review of the industry itself.

A look at the industry can tell a future owner a lot about the business that interests them. In particular, it can help make clear patterns in growth that the industry has experienced over the years and the way external economic conditions might inform development across time.

Future Performance

Of course, a potential owner considering a pizza business for sale is probably as concerned for the future as much or more than the past. They want to know they’re joining an industry on the upswing, and look for expectations of growth for years to come.

The modern pizza industry has been expanding for decades, and it’s expected to continue doing so at an even faster rate over the next five years. That can give prospective owners the confidence to move ahead, and get to know the franchises themselves.

2. Dig Into the Brands

After learning about the larger industry and satisfying themselves as to its future potential, soon-to-be owners searching for a pizza business for sale can turn to the brands themselves, and get the details that help them narrow their hunt to a single candidate.

There are many pizza restaurants for sale out there, and it’s important to get all the facts available about each one to help a prospective owner make an informed decision. It can make jumping into the brands’ paperwork an invaluable aid to the discovery process.

Franchise Disclosure Document

By law, every franchise is required to lay out their plans and approach in a clear, easy-access form. These Franchise Disclosure Documents include all the essentials, including expected fees, royalties, and projected revenue in many cases.

Get to know this documentation. It’s one of the easiest and most reliable ways to filter out less appealing prospects and boil down the selection to the one pizza franchise business that’s best prepared for growth and brand development.

3. Meet with the Franchise

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way and a specific pizza business for sale has been identified as the one to pursue, it’s time to meet the people who built the brand and keep it running.

Every potential franchise owner should plan on sitting down with the brand leadership, and determining how good of a fit they might be within the business. It’s an audition of sorts for all parties.

Ask the Important Questions

This can be an opportunity to learn about details that are vital to daily operations. Find out as much as possible about the way the brand operates, the tone they set for staff and customers, and any other issues that inform how they do business.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as are needed — becoming a franchise owner can be a big step in a person’s life, and it deserves careful consideration throughout the process. Take as long as is needed for both the franchise, and the potential owner, to feel comfortable moving ahead.

4. Build Out, and Train Up

We’ve reached a milestone: The owner has signed with the franchise, and is ready to transform a pizza business for sale into a new prime location, prepared to serve up great flavors to a growing pool of loyal customers. Next comes the buildout and setup.

The franchise owner doesn’t have to deal with the planning, construction, and other initial actions by themselves, though. The brand should be alongside them, lending their expertise and experience to the cause and helping to smooth the way.

A Team of Experts

A well-designed franchise team can aid with all steps in the onboarding experience, and provide essential guidance to the owner.

They can help identify the ideal location for the business, and provide a build team to turn the plans into reality. And they’ll often play a large role in helping the owner hire and train their staff, outfitting the new restaurant, and opening the doors for the first time.

5. Ongoing Support

Seeking out a pizza business for sale can be an exciting notion, but it requires more out of its owner than just preparing for the Grand Opening, of course. Running a pizza franchise is a long-term proposition, and brand support can be a critical tool in the kit for owners.

Having solid franchise support behind them means an owner can focus on the big picture with confidence that they’ve got backing if an issue arises. It can add flexibility to the business, and allow the owner and staff to take on the work with joy and a belief in themselves and the brand.

Assistance Whenever It’s Needed

Franchise support comes in many forms, from ongoing training to well-considered and evolving processes that are designed to better serve both the customer and brand.

Look for a franchise that backs up its owners with personal touches ranging from spot visits, to continuing training, to a brand approach that stays nimble and prepared to adjust with circumstances and individual needs.

Find a Pizza Business for Sale with Slice House

The modern pizza franchise should be prepared to grow with its owners, and to give them what they require to build a modern, forward-leaning brand. And that’s what we work to do every day at Slice House.

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We’ve got a vision for the future of the industry, and a road map for how we’re going to get there.

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