Starting a Pizza Business with a Slice House Franchise

Tony Gemignani
June 21, 2022
Starting a Pizza Business

The idea of starting a pizza business and becoming your own boss is appealing to many of us, and for good reason. Owning your own franchise and taking the next step in your life and career can be a smart move. 

And when you get your start with Slice House Franchise, you’re part of a brand with the tools for growth and the drive to make it happen.

Learning how to start a pizza business can be easy, if approached in a logical, step by step manner. This guide was created to help potential owners learn what’s involved when they embark on a franchising journey with Slice House, and shows what to expect and what’s expected of them during the process.

Every future owner’s experience is different, but they should all plan for these essential moments when looking into a Slice House franchise. 

  • Industry research
  • Brand review
  • Meeting with leadership
  • Preparing to open

It’s a careful, methodical approach that helps us, and the prospective owners we meet, find the right people to work with.

Review the Industry

Establishing oneself as a franchise owner can take more than asking how much it costs to start a pizza business and building out a location. Becoming an owner can be a significant moment in a person’s life, and it’s a move that deserves due consideration and research, starting with the industry.

Before making a single commitment or signing a single contract, it’s important to get as much background on the industry as possible. Has there been a record of growth in the past? What sort of prospects are there for additional expansion in the coming years?

In the case of Slice House, the focus is the pizza restaurant industry. It’s a portion of the larger restaurant industry that’s seen consistent development for years, and it’s expected to continue that growth for at least the next five years.

The industry’s history, and its projected future expansion, could make this a promising moment to start a pizza business and become a franchise owner with Slice House.

Research the Brands

After getting the lay of the land and establishing the pizza restaurant industry as potentially lucrative territory for a new franchise owner, it’s time to move starting a pizza business to the next level and take a close look at the brands themselves.

Brand research is an essential element of the franchising experience, and it’s a step that should take as long as necessary, however much time that might be. Potential owners need to feel good about moving forward, and that takes careful examination of the franchise at a granular level.

This is also the point at which Slice House can shine. We’ve created a franchise plan centered around maintaining the highest possible standards in quality, and we’re dedicated to providing our owners with the tools they need to build their business.

Our partnership with famed pizzaiolo and visionary Tony Gemignani helps shape our brand and gives us direction, and our customer- and owner-first culture fosters strong relationships in a welcoming, inclusive franchise environment.

It’s a combination that aids us in building a brand we’re proud of, and informs our actions as we prepare to start pizza businesses in new territories.

Get Up Close and Personal

Finding the brand can be a long process, but all the effort can pay off when you identify the brand that best speaks to you and the way you work. And once that research is done, the fun can start.

The process of starting a pizza business has taken us from inquirer to prospective franchise owner. The next step is to connect with the brand itself.

Many brands have a Discovery Day that puts future owners in the room with the franchise’s senior leadership. For instance, potential Slice House owners meet up with our brand’s leaders, including our rock-star pizza maestro, Tony Gemignani.

This is an opportunity to learn about each other and kick the tires, so to speak, before making a commitment. It’s in the best interest of all parties to get as much detail as possible, to determine how well they might mesh as a team.

Get Ready to Open Your Doors!

It’s been a long and action-packed journey to get to the point of signing with the franchise and starting a pizza business. But after reviews of the industry and brand, and having one-on-ones with franchise leadership, the time has finally come to build out and open up.

This is a period of intense activity, and it’s an experience that the brand can influence. Slice House Pizza Franchise appreciates how crucial this time can be, and we work on our owner’s behalf throughout the process. 

Our experienced management team works side-by-side with our owners to guide them toward success. From site and territory selection to vendor relations and marketing support, we ensure franchise owners receive the support they need every step of the way. Our flagship training program prepares owners and staff to operate the Slice House way.

Grand Opening can be an exciting and rewarding moment. When you own a Slice House, we do what we can to let you enjoy it with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re supported by a team of dedicated pros.

Start a Pizza Business with Slice House

It can make sense to look into franchise ownership in our modern business landscape, and Slice House can be a smart option for potential owners looking to be part of a brand on the move.

We’re in an industry with a record of growth and expectations of more to come. Our brand is led by an international name in pizza, Tony Gemignani, and we support our owners every step of the way.

Slice House is ready for tomorrow, and we’re preparing to expand.

Want to join us as we spread the Slice House word across the country? Contact us today!



Frequently Asked Questions about Starting a Pizza Business with Slice House Franchise



What is Slice House Franchise and what do they offer to those interested in starting a pizza business?

Slice House Franchise provides individuals with the opportunity to realize their dream of starting a pizza business through their franchise model. They offer the tools, support, and guidance needed to navigate the journey of becoming a pizza restaurant owner.

What are the key steps involved in starting a pizza business with Slice House Franchise?

The process of starting a pizza business with Slice House Franchise involves several important steps:

  1. Industry Research
  2. Brand Review
  3. Meeting with Leadership
  4. Preparing to Open
  5. Grand Opening

Why should I consider Slice House Franchise when starting a pizza business?

Slice House Franchise offers a compelling option for individuals interested in starting a pizza business. Their affiliation with Tony Gemignani and commitment to maintaining high-quality standards sets them apart. With a step-by-step approach and robust support system, Slice House Franchise makes the process of becoming a franchisee smoother and more rewarding.

How does Slice House Franchise assist in the process of starting a pizza business?

Slice House Franchise supports potential owners at every stage of starting a pizza business:

  • Location Selection
  • Vendor Relations
  • Marketing Support
  • Comprehensive Training

What sets Slice House Franchise apart for individuals interested in starting a pizza business?

When considering starting a pizza business, Slice House Franchise stands out due to its unique features:

  • Industry Outlook
  • Quality Focus
  • Support System


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